Typos of LiveJasmin

A list of mistypes of the LiveJasmin website name

LiveJasmin is mistyped by people usually using the following typos:
  • LiveJazmin - Typo resulted from misstyping the letter "s" from LiveJasmin to letter "z" in LiveJazmin
  • LiveJasmina - Misstyped by adding the letter "a" to the original site's name
  • LiveJasman - Resulted by incorectly spelling the word Jasmin to Jasman
  • LiveJasmim - site name written with an "m" at the end
  • LiveJasmine - the original site name with an added "e" at the end makes the typo of LiveJasmine
  • JasminLive - this was the first name of LiveJasmin
  • JasmineLive - the first name of the site with an "e" added after Jasmin
  • LiveJas - some people tend to cut the site names. In this case this is what resulted.
Typo - (typographical error) is an error while inputting text from the keyboard, error made taking in consideration that the user knows exactly what to type in. This event usually results from the operator's inexperience at keyboarding, not paying enough attention,rushing or carelessness.